What is a Packaged Bank Account:

 A packaged bank account is a bank account with insurance sold on it for a monthly fee. The insurance sold on the account usually covers mobile, travel & breakdown amongst others. If you don’t need or use the benefits on the account, or could have found the insurance cheaper elsewhere, it may have been mis-sold and you could be entitled to a full refund plus interest.

Common reasons for being mis-sold

- The product wasn’t explained.

- You weren’t aware of the costs.

- You were told you had to have the insurance in order to take out another product, such as an           overdraft, loan etc.

- The salesperson forcefully recommended the insurance.

- You tried to cancel but were strongly encouraged to keep it.

- You were already paying for one or more of the insurances being provided.

- You weren’t informed to register your products (Car and mobile for breakdown and mobile insurance)

- You were unable to use the insurance due to age/medical conditions?

- You weren’t made aware of an alternative and free account.

(The policies often have upper age limits which along with medical conditions may invalidate the insurance. I.e. travel insurance)

Making a claim

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