How Do I Know If I Have A Claim?

If you have a loan or mortgage with a PPI policy on it, the chances are that you will be able to make a claim. The PPI policy is often called Accident, Sickness and Unemployment insurance or ASU for short.

These policies have been sold to many people who would be ineligible to claim on them anyway, including self employed and unemployed people, students, retired people and those with an existing medical condition. Other reasons you may be able to make a claim include if you felt pressured into taking the PPI by a salesman, if you were told you had to take it to get the loan, if you took out a top up loan and the PPI was added automatically or if you were not told about the PPI at all.

All these unfair tactics and more have been used by unscrupulous lenders to make a big profit from selling their customers something they did not want or need in many cases.

At Check a Claim Ltd, we see it as our job to see that our clients receive the compensation they deserve in as short a time as possible.

How Much Am I Likely To Get?

This depends on the individual case and once we are in receipt of all the required documents from you and the lender/broker we will be able to give you an idea of the amount. If your PPI was mis-sold we would expect to receive a refund of the PPI payments made to date and statutory interest on this. In addition if your loan is still outstanding we would expect to save the PPI element of the monthly payment for the remaining term of the loan.

An example:

Cash loan amount
PPI Premium
Loan interest rate
Loan start date
Number of repayments

We calculate this claim could be worth £5745.04! This is likely to be settled on the following basis:- £4871.79 as a refund in cash and a saving of £95.75 a month for the remaining period of the loan. (Correct at January 2010)

How Long Does It Take?

Again this varies from case to case, but we generally start to settle cases from three months upwards.

How Much Does It Cost?

You will only pay Check A Claim if your claim has been successfully concluded. We will deduct just 20% + VAT of your award. If we are unsuccessful then you don't pay a fee!

I Want To Make A Claim: What Should I Do Next?

Visit our Making a Claim page to download all the paperwork you need to make a claim and follow the instructions on the form.

Want more information?

See our PPI Claim page or our Miss sold PPI page.