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The Financial Ombudsman believes that millions of consumers have been mis-sold PPI

If you have arranged a form of credit borrowing in the last six years then it is likely that you will have been offered Payment Protection Insurance alongside it as a secondary product. The FSA have published figures that suggest millions of consumers may have been mis-sold a policy.

Check A Claim provide a service for consumers who were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance with their credit agreements to enable them to claim compensation. As there are over 20 million PPI policies running in the UK the chances are high that you  have probably arranged credit with a PPI policy yourself. Taken at face value they offer peace of mind and are seen to be the choice of the responsible borrower.

What is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance is usually sold as a linked or secondary product associated with the arrangement of credit of some form, for example;

Personal Loans - secured and unsecured (i.e. Home Improvements, Holidays)
Store cards
Motor Loans
HP Agreements

The policy is taken out by the individual to ensure that loan repayments can be maintained in the event that they are unable to meet payments due to sickness and accident, death or unemployment.

Do you have a claim?

It is not the product itself that is called into question here, but the way it has been sold to you. Many credit providers have been fined for providing poor product information, failing to notify lenders that they have included PPI in the lending agreement and leading lenders to believe that their application for credit will be seen more favourably if they take PPI as well. To find out if you have a claim either contact on 0161 777 1115 or email us and we can call you back!

What happens next...

If you feel that you have a grounds for a claim then Check A Claim will consider your information and advise you appropriately. If we believe that you have grounds for a claim then on your instruction we will pursue a claim for compensation on your behalf. A strong, experienced team will take on your case and you will be free to place the matter in our hands with confidence.

One of our friendly claims handlers will happily help clarify any questions you may have to determine whether you have a claim.   


Making a claim

If you think you may have a claim or simply wish to check, click on Make a Claim below to complete our simple application form and we will be in touch or call us on 0161 777 1115 or email us at

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Check a Claim will manage all aspects of your claim leaving you to sit back while we do all the work.